«As they began to drag me across the floor, I felt a crack in my right hand.» In Moscow, the Investigative Committee launched an inquiry into the actions of the policemen who broke the arm of a stylist 


03 April 2023


In February 2023 Vadim Paramonov ended up with a broken arm during his arrest by the police officers. Afterwards, the victim, who resides in Moscow, lodged a crime report with the police and sought legal aid from the Crew Against Torture. Currently, the Savelovsky district department of the Moscow Investigative Committee conducts an inquiry into the actions of the policemen.

Mr. Paramonov applied to the lawyers of the Crew Against Torture a few days after the surgery on the bone of his right upper arm. According to the stylist, who is 27 years old, his arm was broken during the arrest. He said that on 14 February he and his colleagues celebrated the anniversary of the beauty shop where they worked. The party was noisy, so, around 3 am, someone called the police.

The officers, who arrived, asked everyone to show their IDs. Vadim Paramonov did not have the relevant documents. The man recalls that the policemen’s speech became aggressive, and they demanded to proceed to the police station. There followed a verbal conflict, and at some point Mr. Paramonov fell down.

«The officer put one handcuff on my right hand, then he fastened the second one on his own hand. Then he forcibly twisted my right arm. Subsequently, the policemen began to drag me across the floor, and I felt a crack in my right hand. My colleagues started screaming that my arm had been broken

Mr. Paramonov and two of his colleagues were put into a police vehicle and taken for a medical examination. Vadim does not recall the events of that night properly; nevertheless, he indicates that the police threatened him to find drugs in his blood test. In the morning, Mr. Paramonov applied to the city hospital named after S.P. Botkin, where he was diagnosed with a closed fracture of the humerus with displacement. Vadim was hospitalized. He also called the police hotline and reported the injuries that he had sustained during the arrest.

The very next day, Vadim was questioned by a policeman who had arrived straight to his hospital room. Mr. Paramonov underlines that he was forced to sign false statements.

«That officer threatened me with 10-days detention in case of not signing the papers. He specifically asked me to state that my arm was broken unintentionally.»

On 16 February 2023 Vadim underwent a surgery, then he received a sick leave. He still continues his medical treatment. On 20 March the Savelovsky district court of Moscow found him guilty of disobeying a lawful order of a police officer (part 1 of Article 19.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses), fining him three thousand rubles. That decision did not enter into force, as it was challenged before the upper court.

The CAT lawyers have launched a public investigation into Mr. Paramonov’s complaint. They have lodged a relevant motion with the investigator, asking him to seize all the CCTV videos, including those from the police recorders, as well as to interview the witnesses and to order a forensic examination.

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