Bashkiria citizen got 60 thousand rubles from the sate for battery in the police office


05 February 2008
Photo: Mr. Vladimir Bosov

Today the RF Finance Ministry paid Vladimir Bosov, a torture victim from Bashkiria, 60 thousand rubles as compensation of moral damages.

You may remember that Bashkiria citizen Vladimir Bosov applied to the Prosecutor’s office of Oktyabrskiy (Bashkiria Republic) in March 2006 because he had suffered from police abuse. Basing on the results of the investigation conducted by the Prosecutor’s office the criminal case was not initiated. Together with head of the Committee against Torture in Bashkiria Vladislav Sadykov Mr.Bosov appealed against the decision not to start a criminal case. The decision was cancelled as unlawful and on May 2, 2006 the Prosecutor’s office started a criminal case under art. 286, p.3, cl. “a” – excess of official powers with application of violence or threat of violent treatment. At the beginning of October 2006 the court delivered the judgment. The police officer from the Criminal Investigation Department of the Oktyabrskiy District Department of Internal Affairs who had battered Mr.Bosov was sentenced to 4 years conditionally on 2-yaers probation and his right to work in law enforcement was withdrawn for 2 years.

On May 29, 2007 the Oktyabrskiy city court (Bashkiria Republic) delivered the judgment under the suit of Vladimir Bosov against the RF Treasury and awarded him 100 000 rubles as compensation of moral damages.

Unfortunately, the civil division of the Supreme Court of Bashkiria lowered the sum of compensation payable to Mr.Bosov by the RF Finance Ministry to 60 000 rubles.

The case of Mr.Bosov  was supported by the Committee against Torture in Bashkiria that rendered the victim legal assistance.

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