Birthday present from the police: a patient of the intoxication centre in Dzerzhinsk got a broken rib on his birthday ммм


12 November 2008

  Mr. Andrey Anikin from Dzerzhinsk who by chance happened to be patient of the city detoxification centre applied to the Interregional Committee against Torture claiming that he had been beaten within the walls of that special police institution.  

In the middle of April Mr. Anikin with his friend Mr. Maslov were detained by the police in a café where Mr. Anikin was celebrating his birthday. From the police station they were taken to a detoxification centre where, according to Andrey, the major events of that evening took place.

First of all the police handcuffed the men to rings on the wall. Both men spent about an hour and a half like that. Mr. Anikin and Mr. Maslov asked the police to call in an ambulance, however their requests were ignored.  After that Mr. Anikin asked the policemen to introduce themselves in order to have a possibility to litigate their unlawful actions according to the established procedure. The police uncuffed him, dragged out to the corridor and started kicking him. According to the applicant, 4 officers took part in the battery. The medical examination conducted later showed that the blows had fallen on the same place – left back side of the chest – causing a closed fracture of the 10th rib. After the battery Mr. Anikin and his friend were taken to the police station again and later to hospital with multiple injuries.

It should be mentioned that the “communication” with the detoxification centre had an adverse effect on Anrey’s purse. He claims that the police stole 5.5 thousand roubles from him.

The Committee against Torture conducted an investigation that revealed that actions of the police amounted to an alleged violation of article 3 of the European Convention (prohibition of tortures).

The victim’s statements were partially confirmed by the Internal Security Administration of the Directorate of the Interior for Nizhny Novgorod region where the man had applied upon discharge from hospital.   

It should be noted that the Internal Security Administration sent its report to the Investigation Committee under the Dzerzhinsk Prosecutor’s office in order to decide upon instigating criminal proceedings.

The investigation authorities still refuse to start a criminal case on the allegations of battery and to provide the applicant with the materials of the check on which the decision is based. Thus, the Dzerzhinsk Investigation Committee administration violates p.2 of art.24 of the RF Constitution according to which state authorities and officials should provide individuals with documents and materials that concern their rights and freedoms.

The Committee against Torture intends to lodge a claim in connection with unlawful actions of the Dzerzhinsk Investigation Department and regional Prosecutor’s office, as well as press for the initiation of criminal proceedings and an effective investigation into the allegations of tortures.

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