Case law judgment. Victim of police abuse Sergey Sankin from Nizhny Novgorod withdraws his application against Russia from the European Court


23 October 2008

Photo: Mr. Sankin and representatives of the Committee against Torture Mr. Kalyapin and Ms. Sadovskaya at a joint press-conference on 22 October.

    Yesterday at the press-conference organized by the Committee against Torture at Interfax IA, Mr. Sankin who had suffered from police abuse in 2000 and received a one-time payment of 3 million 137 thousand roubles as compensation  of moral and material damage in accordance with the Sormovskiy district court judgment stated that he would withdraw his application from the European Court.

Photo: press-conference of Mr. Sankin and the Committee against Torture. 

Mr. Sankin claimed that he was fully satisfied by the national court judgments that in December 2005 had found two police officers guilty of torturing Mr. Sankin and in summer 2008 had awarded him an unparalleled compensation.

Mr. Sankin also underlined that he viewed Russia’s consistence in performing its obligations in terms of effective investigation of torture claims and awarding just compensations as an example of changes in the Russian law enforcement and judicial systems.  

You may remember that Mr. Sankins application under art. 3 and 13 of the European Convention was declared admissible by the European Court. The Interregional Committee against Torture represents Mr. Sankin in the European Court of Human Rights.

Today, according to the applicant’s statement, Mr. Sankin’s representative in the European Court, lawyer of the Committee against Torture Ms. Olga Sadovskaya will send an official letter to Strasbourg in order to withdraw the application.

Photo: Vice-chairman of the Committee against Torture, Mr. Sankin’s representative in the European Court, lawyer Olga Sadovskaya. 

According to Ms. Sadovskaya, this letter initiates an official procedure of application withdrawal, the application will be finally handed over to the archive of the Strasbourg Court and will not be tried on the merits.

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