Chairman of the Committee for Prevention of Torture Igor Kalyapin: "We are here to stay"


15 January 2016

The statement of the Chairman of the Committee for Prevention of Torture Igor Kalyapin on including the organization in the list of non-governmental organizations performing the functions of the foreign agent:

«The Ministry of Justice declared the Committee for Prevention of Torture to be a foreign agent. Despite the fact that the organization has never received funding from foreign sources, the Ministry of Finance believed that the organization used foreign funding, since the Russian citizens, who donated to the Committee, were working in the Russian organization, which, in its turn, was receiving foreign funding. It turns out we had to check the places of work of those who donated, as well as to check how the employer of a donator is financed.

Last year the Committee was declared a foreign agent, because it turned out that any public activity, any interview is regarded by the regime as «political activity». Now our new Committee has been declared a foreign agent, because it turned out that any money in Russia can be traced to this or that «foreign source» in some generation, if one really wants.

Well, I think at that our experiment in cooperation with the state according to the principles of openness and transparency can be considered finished. The conclusions will be made, as well as appropriate measures. I assure you that it will be done quickly, precisely and adequately. At the moment I am not yet able to tell what the tactics will be implemented and in what organizational and legal form we will continue our work, but I can guarantee you the following:

1. I can guarantee that we will never admit that we are «foreign agents» in our country.

2. I can guarantee that we shall not stop our work in all its aspects. All the cases run by lawyers of «The Committee for Prevention of Torture» in courts and investigative bodies of Russia will be continued. Citizens still are able to apply for legal and medical assistance, as before. Once again I assure everyone: We are here to stay!»

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