Charity concert "NeTramplin Party: "Music Against Torture". How it went


07 July 2017

On 1 July, despite all the obstacles created by the city administration, concert “NeTramplin Party: «Music Against Torture», dedicated to the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, took place in Nizhny Novgorod. As we have previously reported, the city administration and the Ministry of the Interior claimed that the event, which was planned at the Grebnoy Canal, would be considered unauthorized. Later, despite the signed contract, in the nick of the time HARAT’S PUB refused also – the owners of the building where the pub rents its premises, strongly opposed the event. As a result, the event took place at “Same old place”, the owners of which kindly assisted us to make it happen. We suggest a video report for your attention.  

Despite  numerous challenges, which the organizers of the festival had to face, in the end they succeeded in conducting it, albeit in a changed format. According to the estimates of the organizers, about two hundred and fifty people were present at the event, which featured the following bands: “Skameika Zapasnykh” (Reserve players bench), «Traysi», «Yawn Hic», «Thunderballs» and «Useless ID».

Authors of the video: Aleksey Novikov and Evgeny Chilikov.

In the framework of the event eighteen and a half thousand rubles for Aleksandr Dmitriyev from Nizhny Novgorod, who suffered from police torture, was gathered. As we have previously reported, after the incident Aleksandr became a disabled of group II and requires permanent treatment.      

“Even though several times the city administration tried to disrupt it, we still made it. Quite many people came, who were not taken aback either by a small room or possible problems with the law-enforcement officers. The atmosphere of understanding and unity ruled. I would like to thank everyone who came, it was cozy and fun! And once again I apologize to those whom we failed to timely inform about another change of the concert location” – one of the organizers of the vent, lawyer of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture Albert Kuznetsov says.

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