Chief of the District police department in the Orenburg region offered his apologies to the torture victims


30 June 2022

Photo: Roman Chikviladze (of «Takie dela» edition)


Brothers Roman Chikviladze and Valiko Baigulov, the residents of the Saraktashsky District, were tortured with electricity in the building of the rural council in 2019. That is where the police station is located. Lawyers with the Orenburg branch of the Team Against Torture received a response signed by Chief of Police for the Saraktashky District Aleksadr Teteryatnik who offered his apologies for “illegal actions of former police officers” Sergey Pavlov and Rinat Arslambaev.  

At the present time, the police officers serve sentence in the standard security penal colony for abuse of office. Pavlov was sentenced to 3.4 years, and Arslambaev – to 1.8 years. In August 2019, their 82-year old father accused the sons of stealing five thousand rubles and called the police.  The police officer took Roman to the building of the Chernootrozhskiy rural council, where he tied him to a chair and started to torture him with electrical shocker.  In total, Roman received about five electric shocker discharges. After some time, the police officers brought his brother, Valiko. The police officers also tied him up to a chair and demanded that he confessed of stealing the money, applying electric shocker. The court established that Pavlov applied electricity to the victims’ groin area, and Arslambaev was holding the chair to which Chikviladze was tied. The brothers claimed they did not take the money but after tortures Roman took the guilt on himself. Then the men were released and a criminal case was initiated against Roman, which was subsequently dismissed.

It is known that at the present time former police officers are trying to soften the sentence: Pavlov wants to get out by means of early parole, and Arslambaev intends to replace the remaining part of the sentence to a supervised release. 

Comment by lawyer with the Team Against Torture

It is felt that it took some effort for the police to offer apologizes to Roman Chikviladze and Valiko Baigulov, that they did it very reluctantly. The apology does not even address the person to whom the apologies are offered. We can only understand that the apology is addressed to Valiko Baigulov and Roman Chikviladze from the head of the document where the victims’ surnames and addresses are indicated. I suppose, if we had not submitted an application in which we request the superiors of the Department of the Interior to execute the duty to apologize which is provided by the Order, we would not have seen the apologies at all.   

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