Compensation is awarded to the first out of more than three hundred victims of the police raid in Blagoveschensk, Bashkiria


16 November 2009

The state has awarded 50 000 rubles to Dmitry Antipin from Blagoveschensk five years after he was beaten up by the police. Next in turn – 340 people acknowledged victims under the notorious case about the “slaughter” organized by the Special Police Forces in December 2004 in a small Bashkirian town.

The Leninsky district court of

Ufa has delivered the first judgment awarding compensation to the victim of the police “mopping-up” in Blagoveschensk. The RF Finance Ministry is to pay Dmitry Antipin 50 000 rubles as compensation of moral damage. It should be mentioned that Dmitry claimed 100 000 rubles. Earlier the Blagoveschensk district court sentenced detective officer A.N. Guilvanov to four years of imprisonment for repeated battery of Dmity Antipin who was at that time underage during the police raid in Blagoveschensk.

The Committee against Torture emphasizes that this is the first compensation for the battery of Blagoveschensk citizens by the police in 2004. At present the court has received other victims’ suits. Besides, the Committee against Torture continues providing legal aid to citizens wishing to sue the state for damages. You may remember that more than three hundred individuals from the Blagoveschensk district were acknowledged victims of the “preventive action”.    Thus, if the court awards the same sum of compensation to all victims, it is not difficult to calculate that the “preventive action” carried out in Blagoveschensk is going to cost the tax-payers 15 000 000 rubles.

Besides, taking into account that it has taken the state 5 years to deliver the first judgment on compensation, the last in the queue of three hundred people will get their compensations in 5 years at the earliest.

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