District police officer who battered a woman got four years of suspended sentence


13 November 2007
Photo: Irina Vinogradova who was battered by the police.

Yesterday Kilemar regional court of Mariy El found district police officer of Vizimyarsky DPD of Kilemar district Alexey Sharafutdinov guilty of battery and abuse of a woman in the summer of 2007.

The police officer got four years of suspended sentence with four years of disciplinary probation. Moreover, the court prohibited Sharafutdinov to serve in law enforcement bodies or other state structures for three years.

Irina Vinogradova turned for help to human rights defenders in July of this year. The public investigation upon Vinogradova’s application was carried out by lawyers from the regional NGO “Man and Law” (Mariy El) and the multiregional NGO “Committee against Torture”. As the specialists found out, on July 6, 2007 Irina Vinogradova went to a nearby shop to buy some bread. When she came outside their district police officer ran up to her and without a word squeezed her hands and forcedly dragged her to the police station. Then he took the woman to his office and started beating her without explaining the reason for either detaining her or hid conduct. The only thing that Vinogradova could catch was that he thought she was to blame for his relatives’ death. However, the police officer’s opinion was not grounded.

The Kilemar prosecutor’s office initiated a criminal case against Sharafutdinov. Two expert checks were performed: medical and biological. The forensic medical examination pointed to numerous bruises, abrasions and contusions on Irina’s body and a lacerated wound on her head. Vinogradova claims she got that wound either when he hit her with a heavy metal key on the head or when she fell down after another blow and hit her head on the safe box. A lot of blood stains were found in Sharafutdinov’s office. The biological test confirmed that the blood belonged to Ms. Sharafutdinova.

The court found Sharafutdinov guilty on all the charges.

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