European lawyers meet in Berlin


30 November 2011

The meeting has brought together leading Council of Europe lawyers working with the European Court of Human Rights in the framework of Articles 2 and 3 of the Convention. Olga Sadovskaya, Vice-Chairperson of the Committee Against Torture, has been invited to represent Russia. The meeting will cover a range of issues related to the execution of ECtHR judgments on the national level and strategies to ensure their more effective and complete execution by means of various legal procedures and mechanisms.   

On November 26 Olga Sadovskaya will give an overview of execution of ECtHR judgments under Articles 2 and 3 in Russia on the basis of the Committee’s practice and propose her recommendations in this sphere. Special emphasis will be placed on the need for more extensive use of the friendly settlement procedure, provided the victim’s rights are fully redressed on the domestic level. Redress implies not only pecuniary compensations, but also an acknowledgement of guilt by relevant authorities in charge of ill-treatment and failure to investigate the case. The most typical examples of friendly settlements in Russia are Boris Rzhavin’s and Elvira Kislitsina’s cases. We would like to remind you that the European Court of Human Rights has struck those cases off the list because the Russian Government undertook to compensate the damage inflicted to the victims by human rights violations. The Court remarked that it was satisfied that the friendly settlements reached by the parties were based on respect for human rights. 

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