Former head of penal colony settlement No.11 Filyus Khusainov is placed under house arrest


29 October 2015

(Photo: Filyus Khusainov, source: http://тюрьма

Yesterday, on 28 October 2015, judge of the Novotroitsky City Court Ekaterina Rodygina imposed a pre-trial restraint in the form of house arrest for former head of penal colony settlement No.11 for the Orenburg region Filyus Khusainov, who on 26 October was charged with committing a crime under part 1 of Article 286 of the Russian Criminal Code (abuse of office).

As we have previously reported, according to Sergey Nikonorov, who had served a sentence in Penal Colony No.11 before, head of this penal institution Filyus Khusainov used threats and promises of early parole to force him and other convicts to perform construction works at his summer cottage.

As member of the Committee for Prevention of Torture Vyacheslav Dyundin points out, the criminal case over abuse of office was initiated back in April 2014, but only now, thanks to the efforts of the human rights defenders, its investigation got moving.
«On 26 October this year Khusainov was detained and brought to the temporary detention cell. As it turned out, in the morning of this day he managed to retire based on the length of service. While selecting judicial restraint the judge took into account that Khusainov had a clean record, two underage children and good character reference. Despite the fact that Prosecutor Egor Prikhodko supported the investigator’s motion on the defendant’s pre-trial restraint in the form of taking into custody, the judge chose to put Khusainov under restraint in the form of house arrest for the period of additional investigation – till 12 November 2015», – Vyacheslav Dyundin told.

At the present time the Investigative Committee officers are planning to conduct investigative activities, including the check of the victim testimony on site, which was ruined last time by penal colony settlement No.11 officers. Human rights defenders of INGO «The Committee for Prevention of Torture» intend to take part in all the investigative activities as Sergey Nikonorov’s representatives.

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