He was beaten up, threatened with an electric shocker and violence. A resident of Krasnodar told he confessed of theft after police torture


13 September 2022


Motor mechanic Dmitry Khmel applied to the Krasnodar branch of the CAT and told human rights defenders that he was apprehended by law-enforcement officers on suspicion of theft of automobile parts from the repair shop where he worked. At the police department, according to Dmitry, the police officers demanded that he confessed of theft, were kicking and hitting him, stepped on his back, threatened with rape and planting drugs. Having yielded to torture, he wrote a full confession.     

In May, Dmitry had a conflict with his employer, after which the man decided to take all his remaining tools from his workplace. Since he failed to find his tools in the garage, he, according to the applicant, decided to take the similar kit. In the telephone conversation the former employer accused him of theft, and on the next day a criminal investigator called him and told him to come up to garages, however, Dmitry refused and asked to be called with an official summon.   

After a month, two men met Dmitry at a shop. They introduced themselves as criminal investigation officers, showed their IDs and delivered him to the police department. According to Dmitry, at the police department of the Karasunsky District of Krasnodar he was told that the former employer submitted a crime report on theft of a radio recorder, headlights and some other items. However, Dmitry refused to confess of theft and did not unlock his phone at the request of a police officer. After that, according to him, the police officers started to be rude with him and hit his face, at first, and then hit his body side and thigh.   

«Two officers tried to seize my feet to bring me down on the floor. Having realized that it was futile to resist, I laid on the floor with my face down. My feet were spread to the sides, someone started to step on my feet and my back. It seemed to me I was lying in such condition for about three hours, – Dmitry said. They also threatened to find drugs and bullets during the search of my apartment, but I still refused to confess of theft and unblock my telephone. Sometime later they started to threaten me with electrical shocker and violent actions of sexual nature. I deemed this threat to be real that is why I agreed to unblock my phone and to write a full confession».

According to Dmitry, initially there were six people in the office: two of them were beating him up, and he did not see who was stepping on his feet and his back, since he was lying with his face down. After writing a full confession, Dmitry was released under travel restrictions. At hospital, he was diagnosed with a chest contusion, numerous contusions of the limbs and a hematoma on his face. Dmitry applied to the Prosecutor’s Office with a crime report. Lawyers with the Committee Against Torture started a public investigation.   

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