Heart failure has turned into a murder case


15 December 2011

On December 10, 2011 the Investigation Administration of the Investigation Committee for Orenburg region instigated criminal proceedings under cl.1 of Article 105 of the Russian Criminal Code (murder). As we have learnt today, custodial placement has been selected as a measure of restraint for two suspects.  

You may remember that on November 18, 2011 34-year old Armenian citizen Armen Sargasyan died in the 2nd operational investigation unit under the Orenburg Directorate of the Interior. Specialists of INGO “Committee Against Torture” where Armen’s relatives had applied for help supposed that Armen had died of strangulation and injuries inflicted at the police department.  The criminal proceedings were instigated on the basis of forensic medical examination results. During the investigation from 4 to 7 police officers who had been on duty on the day of the incident were detained. As we have already mentioned, two of them were arrested.

We would like to emphasize that according to the information disseminated by the Public Relations Department of the Orenburg Directorate of the Interior, “during the interrogation …Sargasyan complained of heartache, an ambulance was promptly summoned. Emergency doctors pronounced Armen dead. According to a preliminary assessment, death was caused by acute heart failure.” Head of the Orenburg Regional Directorate of the Interior Efrem Romanov has recently promised that he will soon give his official assessment not only of the action of the policemen in charge of ill-treatment, but also of their heads, up to the highest level. INGO “Committee Against Torture” welcomes such position. However, it must be added that general Romanov himself should be held responsible for his subordinates’ actions.

INGO “Committee Against Torture” continues the public investigation and providing legal support under this case.

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