Human rights defenders and sociologists reporting on public awareness of the activity of law enforcement bodies


16 February 2009

What do Russian people know about the activity of law enforcement bodies?

On 18 February 2009 at 13.00 in the Independent Press-Centre (Prechistenka 17/9, Moscow) the Public Verdict Foundation and Yuriy Levada’s Analytic centre are going to present the results of the all-Russian opinion poll “Law Enforcement in Russia – Public Awareness”.

The presentation is confined to the 5th anniversary of the Public Verdict Foundation. During these years the Foundation has conducted 8 sociological researches together with the Levada Centre, including the following:

·         Large cities’ population: Attitude towards the police

·         Violent treatment by law enforcement agents

·          Police officers about their problems: arbitrary treatment, relationship between the police and society

·         Russian citizen’s attitude towards the police reform

The sociological opinion poll was conducted in the context of the Public Verdict Foundation’s research programme by experts from the Foundation and Levada centre.  It is the first time that the population’s awareness and expectations of the Investigation Committee’s activity have been studied. 100 people from different cities and villages have been interviewed.   

Press-conference Participants:

Natalia Taubina, director of the Public Verdict Foundation

Boris Dubin, head of the Social and Political Research Department, Levada Centre   

After the official part the guests will be offered light snacks and drinks to celebrate the anniversary of the Public Verdict Foundation.

Address: Moscow,

Independent Press-Centre, 17/9 Prechistenka Street

1st floor (metro station: Kropotkinskaya, almost in front of the Scientists’ Club (Dom Uchyonikh), enter the archway in the Barykovskiy side street)


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