Human rights defenders applied to Belarus law-enforcement officers asking them to prevent escorting Murad Amriev to Russia


08 June 2017

Lawyers with the Committee for the Prevention of Torture submitted a request to the Prosecutor’s Office of Dobrush city, Prosecutor’s Office of the Gomel region and to the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Belarus, asking to prevent escorting Murad Amriev to Russia, as it may lead to irreversible consequences, such as torture or murder.  

In applications of behalf of Murad Amriev his representatives ask to take the following measures: 

– prevent escorting Murad Amriev to the Russian Federation due to existing danger to his life and health as well as in order to provide for the right of the applicant to choose the place of stay at his own will;  

– provide access of defense lawyer Petr Zaikin to the applicant during his stay under the state control;
– provide safety of the applicant on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.  

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