Human rights defenders from Kemerovo claim that unknown people tried to break into the office of the South-Siberian Human Rights Centre


26 November 2007

Novokuznetsk (Kemerovo region). The office of the South-Siberian Human Rights Centre located inSuvorova street7, Novokuznetsk, was attacked. Approximately at 13:30 the alarm went off. When the security people arrived, the intruders were gone, but they left traces of their presence. The window near the Centre entrance was taken out, the wire mesh was broken.

–     We are inclined to connect this crime with our professional activity, says chairman of the Centre Maxim Burmitskiy. Lately there has been a lot of criticism of human rights defenders. They are trying to deprive us of our office. This version can be justified by the impudence of the criminals, regular thugs would not break into a house that is equipped with a visible alarm system in broad daylight.

       Burmitskiy added that, in his opinion, the criminals aimed to get access to information stored in the computers of the Centre. However, thanks to prompt reaction of the security company, the thieves failed to take anything out of the office.

An application based on the fact of intrusion was submitted to the police.

The Public Verdict Foundation

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