Human rights defenders from the INGO CAT will lecture Chechen policemen on the damage of torture and abductions


31 August 2007

On 30 August 2007 head of the Chechen Office of the INGO CAT Supyan Baskhanov and members of the Public Chamber had a meeting with a deputy minister of internal affairs of the Chechen Republic, police colonel Akhmed Dakaev. In the course of the conversation issues of abductions and torture were raised. The parties noted that the number of abductions had significantly reduced lately and expressed their concern about slow reactions to reports of abductions. In view of the fact that orders and other rules provide for prompt response measures and instances of slow reactions to reports of abductions and torture take place regularly, it was decided to organize a course of lectures for law enforcement officers devoted to the topic: “Damage, inflicted on the State by abductions and torture of citizens”. The choice of lecturers was offered to the Chechen Office of the Committee.

    Akhmed Dakaev urged the necessity to support the course of the Chechen government aimed at eradication of abductions and torture. He also stated that they will be striving for eradication of those practices through education of law enforcement officers and suggested holding a joint meeting of NGOs and law enforcement agencies.

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