Human rights defenders have urgently applied to the European Court with regard to apprehension of Murad Amriev


05 June 2017

Lawyers with the Committee for the Prevention of Torture submitted a motion to the European Court of Human Rights asking to take injunctive remedies for the safety of Murad Amriev, who was detained  yesterday at Suzemka railway station in the Bryansk region and who may be escorted to the Chechen Republic. 

In their letter human rights defenders on behalf of Murad Amriev (in December 2015 a complaint on his behalf was submitted to the European Court of Human Rights) are asking the Court in compliance with Rule 39 of the Court Procedure to point the Russian Federation authorities at the necessity of taking injunctive remedies which would involve:       

– declaring the fact of Amriev’s apprehension by investigator Kurpatov on 4 June 2017 to be illegal and insisting on his immediate release from the temporary isolation cell of the Department of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia for Bryansk;  

– preventing escorting the applicant to the Chechen Republic due to the existing danger to his life and health and to providing the applicant’s right to the choice of the abiding place at his own will;

– providing access of defense lawyer Zaikin to the applicant in the period of his staying under the state control;
– ensuring the applicant’s safety on the territory of the Russian Federation;  

– thorough investigating the fact of applying violence against the applicant (in the course of the official check fifteen refusals to initiate criminal proceedings were declared illegal and quashed);

– providing preservation of the evidence in the case and witnesses’ safety.   

The applicant’s representatives are also asking the Court to:  

– in accordance with Rules 41 and 54 (2b) of the Court Procedure consider the possibility of urgent notification of the Russian Federation about the complaint submitted against it, about the priority procedure of the complaint examination, about asking the authorities for additional information in the case, namely, the materials of the check on the applicant’s complaint and the materials of the criminal case against the applicant.

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