Hunger-strike – the last chance to protect the constitutional right?


14 August 2008

Mr. Anatoliy Atayev who is unlawfully detained in SIZO 1 in Krasnodar went on hunger-strike. He confers the responsibility for the consequences on Mr. V.V. Nikolayev, head of SIZO 1 in Krasnodar, head of the State Administration of the Federal Penitentiary Service for Krasnodarskiy Kray and the regional Prosecutor’s Office administration. He had to resort to such an extreme measure because the situation remained the same for NINE days. Mr. Atayev could not stand it any longer and there was nothing else he could do because he had used all other ways to attract attention to the situation and they did not work out. You may remember that Mr. Atayev was released by a court order already on August 5, i.e., nine days ago!!! Within this period Mr. Atayev’s lawyers and specialists of the Committee against Torture addressed all possible instances, Prosecutor’s Offices of all levels, the Investigation Committee under the RF Prosecutor’s Office, State Administration of the Federal Penitentiary Service, Human Rights Commissioner, RF President’s Administration, but with no result.  The authorities keep silent. Today the Committee against Torture is bound to address the RF Prosecutor General again.  

Today Mr. Atayev’s lawyer submitted an application containing an ultimatum for Mr. Atayev’s immediate release to the pretrial detention centre head. Otherwise, numerous citizens supporting Mr. Atayev are going to organize a public rally and picketing in front of the detention centre, local federal Penitentiary Service office and regional Prosecutor’s Office. The situation is aggravated by the fact that, according to Mr. Atayev’s lawyer, the detention centre authorities refused him the right to meet his client – Mr. Atayev. This means that the SIZO administration has deprived Mr. Atayev not only of freedom, but also of his constitutional right to legal assistance.

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