«I didn’t understand why they were doing this to me.» A Moscow resident claims that the policemen broke his arm in the park, mistaking him for a drug dealer


27 September 2023


Vladislav Mishnev works as a courier in Moscow. Late in the evening he and a friend were roller-skating in the park. The police approached the young people and demanded to see the contents of their pockets. As Vladislav says, they didn’t find any drugs on him, but they knocked him to the ground and broke his arm.

On the night of 13-14 September, 24-year-old Vladislav Mishnev met a friend in the park of the 850th anniversary of Moscow. The young people agreed in advance to go roller-skating so late in the evening, because there were fewer people in the park at that time. From that park they drove to the park named Brateyevskaya Poyma, where they roller-skated on the sports ground for some time. As they were about to leave, a police car pulled up.

Mr. Mishnev indicates the following: «Three officers got out of the car and started calling us drug addicts. One of them went to inspect the sports ground for the presence of hidden drugs. We took everything out of our pockets. They didn’t find anything prohibited.»

As Vladislav told the lawyers of the Crew Against Torture, another unmarked car drove up to them, and two men in light gray uniforms appeared. Vladislav did not understand what was happening, so, having turned on the phone camera, he began filming the events and asked one of the officers to introduce himself. At first, the policeman asked to stop the record, but then he, after all, showed his badge. Alas, Mr. Mishnev did not remember the name.

«I asked them: ‘Are we arrested?’ Nobody answered me. Then I said: ‘Since we are not arrested, that means we can walk away.’ This time, the situation has changed. The policeman sharply said: ‘You are under arrest,’ and the officers pounced on me.»

As Mr. Mishnev claims, almost immediately after that, he felt a severe pain in his right hand, then the officers handcuffed him. According to Vladislav, one of the officers also kicked him.

«I didn’t understand why they were doing this to me, as I didn’t resist the police in any way or insult anybody; I was frustrated, my voice was shaking.»

Mr. Mishnev was brought to the Brateyevo district police station of Moscow; there, the handcuffs were removed. As Vladislav recalls, he could not move his right hand. The young man did not have his passport with him, so he was forced to unlock his phone to show a photo of that document. As Mr. Mishnev underlines, the phone was immediately taken by an officer, who erased the video of the arrest and then returned the phone back.

Subsequently, he was taken from the police station to be tested for drugs. After the test of the narcologist, Mr. Mishnev and the policemen went to the trauma center. As the young man recalls, during their trip, the policemen threatened to arrest him for 15 days if he did not say that he suffered a broken arm in a fall. At the trauma center, Vladislav was given an x-ray, the fracture was confirmed, and he was offered hospitalization.

«The policeman asked me to write an explanation that I used obscene language and that I would have to pay a fine. At first I refused, so the policeman said that I would have problems. I got scared and wrote with my broken hand what they asked me to write.»

Subsequently, Mr. Mishnev was taken to the Yudinskaya city clinical hospital, where he underwent surgery; he stayed there for a week. Currently, Mr. Mishnev is still in a cast and cannot work as a courier due to that injury.

Th lawyers of the Crew Against Torture filed the relevant crime reports to the Nagatinskiy district investigation department of the Investigative Committee and to the Internal security unit of the Moscow main police department.

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