«I ran the fingers along my left cheek, collected some blood and saw my teeth in my hand.» During her stay at the police department, the resident of Moscow got a smashed face and two teeth knocked out


02 May 2023


Inna Olenich was taken to the police department after a conflict with a security guard in the courtyard of the apartment building where her flat is situated. The young woman, who is originally from Ukraine, spoke loudly about her attitude to the military special operation. The guards heard her words and called the police. In the department, a woman had a conflict with a police officer. The lawyers of the Crew Against Torture opened a public investigation into the case.

On 13 October 2022, 36-year-old chef from Moscow Inna Olenich went shopping with her friend Nikolay. Young people had been drinking before they left the flat and Ms. Olenich does not deny that she was in a state of intoxication. In the courtyard, they loudly discussed various topics, including a negative attitude towards the military special operation, and used foul language. They were approached by two security guards of the residential complex and, after a verbal skirmish, the men called the police. The policemen took Inna and Nikolay to the Losinoostrovskiy district police department.

In the police station, the officers began to inspect Inna’s bag. These actions were caught on the surveillance camera, and it can be seen how Ms. Olenich was trying to take the bag back, in response the policeman pushed her away, knocked her face down on the floor, wringed her hands behind her back and put on handcuffs. When he picked up the young woman, a puddle of blood remained on the floor, Inna’s face was also covered in blood.

«I ran the fingers along my left cheek, collected some blood and saw my teeth in the hand. I had two front teeth knocked out on the left side of the mouth and the half of another tooth was also broken. There was blood on the floor and on my clothes,» Ms. Olenich recalls.

According to Inna, she repeatedly asked to call an ambulance, but the police ignored her requests. Ms. Olenich and her friend were left at the police station overnight. On 14 October, the Babushkinskiy district court fined Inna and Nikolay (1 000 rubles each) for hooliganism and obscene language in a public place (part 1 of article 20.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). After the court proceedings, Ms. Olenich was released home; Nikolay was taken to the military enlistment office, but later he was also let go.

The next day, the girl contacted the hotline of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and told about what had happened. Inna also went to the emergency room, where numerous hematomas were found; however, the medics could not fix her jaw injury due to the lack of the necessary specialist. A couple of days later, Ms. Olenich lodged a crime report to the Main internal security department of the Russian police, as well as to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, which redirected her report to the Babushkinskiy interdistrict department of the Investigative Committee. The investigator of the Babushkinskiy interdistrict department began its inquiry in January 2023, and subsequently, on 22 February, he refused to open a criminal case into Inna’s complaint against the policemen.

The lawyers of the Moscow branch of the CAT filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office. Human rights activists consider the refusal to open a criminal case unlawful, and the investigation carried out by the investigator incomplete: he did not seize the relevant medical documents, did not order a forensic medical examination, and did not evaluate the discrepancies between the explanation of the police officer and the CCTV video recordings. In particular, in his statement, the policeman claims that Inna herself «slipped and hit her face on the floor.»

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