«I will make you respect me and my subordinates!» Teacher from Moscow says he was beaten up at the police department


19 October 2022


University teacher Sergey Abramov applied to the Moscow branch of the Crew Against Tortures and told human rights defenders that he was forced to familiarize with documents in the Investigative Department of the Department of Interior of Russia for the Troparyovo-Nikulino District. There, according to Sergey, he was beaten up and choked by the head of the department. We submitted a crime report to the Chief Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the RF for Moscow.

On 6 October, Sergey Abramov came to the Investigative Committee to provide his sick leave and reschedule the familiarization with the documents of the criminal case to a later date. According to Abramov, head of department Bigildin met him in the office, who told his subordinate Shumikhina to read the text of the document aloud. At that time, he directed the camera of his mobile phone on Sergey. Having considered such actions to be illegal, Abramov stood up and came to the door, however, according to Segey, at that moment, the head of department started to shout at him and hit him.    

«He ran up at me and hit me in the right part of the body and then in the face, after that he seized my neck from behind and started to choke me. I opened the door and started to call for help», – Abramov recalls.  

According to him, there were people in the corridor, however, no one responded to his shouting, and a few minutes later a man dressed in civilian clothes hit him, stroke him on the ground face down. At that moment, Sergey lost consciousness for some time, and when he regained it when he felt he was being handcuffed. He was brought back to the office room and put on a chair, where, according to Abramov, Shumikhina continued to read the document aloud and the head of the department was making a video of it. After the document was read, they removed the handcuffs from the man and Bigildin started to shout: «I will make you respect me and my subordinates», – Sergey recalls.  On the same day, Abramov applied to the first aid station where he was diagnosed with brain concussion, contusions of the soft tissues and bruises.   

The comment from the CAT lawyer:  

«Applying physical force, let alone special equipment, like handcuffs, is strictly regulated by the law “On police”, and there must be grounds for that. For example, it can be done to stop administrative offence or crime, or for ensuring delivery to police, convoying and safe-keeping of the apprehended and etc. In this case, one may assume an arbitrary applying of physical force and special equipment against a person who was not apprehended and was not in custody. Previously, travel restrictions were applied against Abramov as a measure of restraint, he is free to come to the investigative department and leave it as he pleases».

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