Igor Kalyapin: “A man is simply pushed out of the legal terrain”


21 November 2019

Chairman of the Committee Against Torture Igor Kalyapin:

“If previously the Investigative Committee investigators were issuing illegal refusals to initiate criminal proceedings for years, which subsequently were declared illegal by courts and the Prosecutor’s Office and were quashed, now the Investigative Committee simply refuses to examine the reports on illegal violence by law-enforcement officers.
A person is beaten up, there are medical documents, there are witnesses, there is his complaint on the police battery… But the Investigative Committee does not see any grounds for performing a procedural check… A man goes to court to complain about the investigators, his complaint is not received there, either…  

In my opinion, such actions should be qualified instigation to extremism. A man is simply pushed out of the legal terrain. Now the issue is not that his complaints are not satisfied, that the state refuses to restore his violated rights. No one intends even to examine his complaints.       

And what this man is left with, what it is supposed to do? Take an axe? Build barricades?   

Hallo! Mr Bastrykin, Mr Lebedev! You should understand that no underground extremist- propagandist is needed when your subordinates keep working like that. You promoting the illegal methods of fighting yourselves. You just leave people with no other choice of instruments for protecting their human dignity”.   

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