Igor Kalyapin: "Let us not jump to final conclusions"


04 February 2016

Chairman of INGO «The Committee for Prevention of Torture» Igor Kalyapin commented on the information, published on NewsNN.ru website about the results of the check performed by the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia for the Nizhny Novgorod region, which disproved the statement of Aleksey Nikitin on torture with electric shocker that he was subjected to at the police department. 

Igor Kalyapin: «The check by the Directorate sounds very impressive, of course… And why not let all others check themselves? And it is a usual practice in the police. At the same time, I can provide a few dozens of examples when after such checks, which did not reveal anything, we managed to prove the fact of grave crime committed by the police and see that the guilty party is brought to justice. So it seems that the check of the Directorate was nothing else but an attempt aiming at hiding the crime and destroying the evidence. I hope the Directorate remembers these cases or shall I remind?

As to the arguments which were «not objectively proved», that’s exactly was the beginning of most part of the cases which we managed to take to court. To be more exact – to judgment of conviction. So let us not jump to final conclusions…»

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