In Mari El a former prison officer has to pay 75 thousand rubles for beating a teenager


08 October 2013

On 7 October 2013 the Yoshkar-Ola City Court of the Mari El Republic examined the claim for moral damage compensation filed by Galina Kuznetsova against a former staff member of Russia Federal Service for Execution of Sentences Directorate (UFSIN), Sergey Bakulin, who beaten up her underage son. The court held that the respondent has to pay compensation of moral damage in the amount of 75 thousand rubles. The decision has not entered into force yet and the parties have one month to appeal against it if they wish so.


Background: On 20 July 2012 Sasha Kuznetsov’s mother applied to the Mari El regional branch of the INGO «Committee Against Torture» for legal assistance. According to Mrs Kuznetsova, on 12 March 2012 at about 1 pm, inside the building of secondary school №30 of Yoshkar-Ola city, a staff member of Russia Federal Service for the Execution of Sentences Directorate for the Mari-El Republic used unlawful violence against her 10-year-old son Aleksandr Kuznetsov. Lawyers working with the Committee’s regional branch carried out a public investigation, and its results confirmed the applicant’s allegations.

Then, court made the following legal findings. On 12 March 2012 Sasha Kuznetsov arrived at school, and near the cloak room he came across the father of one of his classmates. The man was wearing UFSIN uniform. The passage was then empty, for everyone was in the classrooms. Sasha understood that the man had come to take vengeance for the conflict that had occurred between Sasha and the prison officer’s son several days before. The officer started with insulting the boy using foul language, and soon came over to the action: he twisted the boy’s ear, and three times hit the boy’s head against the wall.

In the evening Sasha told his parents about the incident, and they took their son to hospital, where a doctor examined him and observed injuries. According to the medical report, Sasha sustained the following injuries: traumatic edema of the soft tissues of the occipital region and bruises on the left ear. Having come back home, the family received a call from the police, so they immediately went to the police department and gave their statements concerning the incident.

On 26 November 2012 Sergey Bakulin was found guilty of the criminal offense under Article 116 of Russian Criminal Code (battery or the commission of similar violent actions, which have caused physical pain), and sentenced to a fine of 20 thousand rubles.

Lawyers working with the Committee Against Torture who represent the victim’s interests filed claim for compensation for moral damage. On October 7 court held to award the compensation of 75 thousand rubles.

Dmitry Egoshin, the Head of the regional branch of the INGO «Committee Against Torture» in the Republic of Mari El, comments on the news: «We are satisfied with the court decision, and consider the compensation awarded to be just. It is possible that the defendant would wish to appeal against this decision, but, considering that he has failed to appear before court, I don’t think his appeal might be granted».

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