In Moscow, the young man was declared a victim – he was an underage when beaten up by a police officer  


06 June 2022

In October 2021, 17-year old Artem Bulokhov was walking with a friend of his in the Stroginsky Park, when four police officers two of which were in civilian clothers, demanded that he stopped. According to Artem, he got scared and ran, when one of the police officers caught up with him, brought him on the ground and hit him several times.    

Only after that the young men were shown police badges and informed that an anti-narcotics raid was ongoing. According to Artem, they were searched without attesting witnesses, and no protocol was drawn up. In addition, the correspondence and photos in the young men’s telephones were checked. The police officers did not find any narcotics, but allegedly demanded money threatening to plant methedrone. However, later on they both were released.

On the next day, Bulokhov was diagnosed with extravasations on the face, bones fractures, nose fractures and brain concussion. Previously, former Patrol-Guard Service officer Aleksey Tkachuk found himself at the defendants’ bench, who, according to the investigative authorities, was performing the hits. In February, the materials of the pre-investigative check were severed with regard to other three police officers present during the battery but did not stop their colleague. In March, a criminal case was initiated against them under article “Abuse of office” 

It is worth noting that our defendant is declared a victim on the International Children’s Day, – lawyer with the Moscow branch of the Committee Against Torture Petr Khromov comments.– It is gratifying that the investigative authorities gave a correct assessment of the actions of all the participants of the events, having found the element of crime not only in applying illegal violence, but also in connivance – failure to prevent this crime. And one feels safer that all the four Patrol-Guard Service officers no longer work in law-enforcement – they are fired.     

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