In Nizhny Novgorod, the Investigative Department authorities were brought to responsibility seven times for sabotaging the torture investigations


18 July 2022

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Investigators of the Investigative Department for the Nizhegorodsky District with the Investigative Committee as well as their bosses were brought to disciplinary action. The investigators repeatedly sabotaging the investigations concerning the victims of the actions of the police, refusing to register the crime reports and perform checks on them. It has become known from the answers which the lawyers with the CAT received to their applications to the Prosecutor’s Office and to the Investigative Committee.  

It goes about violence applied against Maksim Gavrilov, Ilya Myaskovsky, Roman Gusev, Daniil Plechev and Aleksey Grishanov. 

The Prosecutor’s Office acknowledged that, for example, in the case of Maksim Gavrilov, who was beaten up by the police officers, the Investigative Department officers several times issued illegal dismissals of claims to open a criminal case and for a long time they did not register the crime report and committed a red tape.  According to Gavrilov, he was apprehended at the railway station platform in 2018 as a witness in the criminal case. The police officers twisted his hands, handcuffed him and took him to the underground passage where they hit his head and chest several times.  According to him, the battery continued at police department № 5 for Nizhny Novgorod. In total, during the pre-investigative check, the investigators issued five dismissals of claims to open a criminal case which were subsequently quashed as illegal.    

In the case of Roman Gusev, the authorities with the investigative department committed a red tape and did not properly investigate the case. Gusev was apprehended for a theft of a bottle of whiskey. During the apprehension a conflict developed between him and a police officer, as a result of which Roman was, according to him, brutally beaten up in the cabin of the police service vehicle. This was partially recorded by the video surveillance camera. According to the medical forensic expert conclusion, Gusev got a blunt trauma of the head and a chest (fracture of three ribs), which cumulatively is qualified as a grave damage to health. The Investigative Committee dismissed the claims to open a criminal case three times. Two of the dismissals were quashed by the Investigative Committee as illegal.  

Comment of the CAT lawyer

The fact that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigative Committee brings the executive officials to responsibility only after our numerous complaints once again proves that public monitoring is essential in our country. Without it, these cases would have been ignored and nobody would have carried out the investigation. We managed to ensure that torture applications are registered, the checks on them are carried out,     the work on the cases that the investigators previously shelved, was resumed. In my opinion, the superiors of the investigative bodies should follow this up on their own, without additional applications concerning violations.   

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