In Orenburg region the verdict for two policemen who tortured a man to death will soon be proclaimed


10 December 2010

On 13 December 2010 it is expected that the Buguruslan city court (Orenburg region) will proclaim the verdict under the criminal case against two policemen charged under p.4 art.111 of the RF Criminal Code (“intentional infliction of grave damage to health causing manslaughter”), cl. «а», «b», «c» p. 3 art. 286 of the RF Criminal Code (“actions of state agents clearly exceeding their official powers and causing substantial violations of individual rights and legal interests committed with violent treatment, application of special tools and causing grave damage to health. During the debates the prosecution demanded 7 years of imprisonment for each defendant.

   You may remember that on 19 December 2005 Mr Lyamov from the village of Aksakovo (Orenburg region) was cruelly beaten by district police officers – V. Prytkov and S. Abrashin  in the Buguruslan district police station. Then they left him lying on the floor in the hall of the police station without rendering him necessary medical aid. Several hours later, when the ambulance arrived at last, the EMS doctor could only confirm that Mr Lyamov was dead. The forensic medical examination conducted by the Regional Forensic Medical Examination Bureau of Orenburg showed that Mr. Lyamov had had multiple life-time injuries – abrasions and contusions on the face, head, apoplexy, breakage of neck-bones and other injuries.

 The Bashkirian representation of the Committee Against Torture started a public investigation upon the application of the victim’s relatives; later the Orenburg office joined the investigation.

 Lawyers of the Committee Against Torture forced the authorities to initiate a criminal case against the policemen who had beaten Mr Lyamov to death and continue granting legal aid to the victim’s relatives. They are going to represent their interests in the courtroom.

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