In Orenburg, the Prosecutor requested that the three police officers are sentenced to 6.5 years of penal colony, each. They are charged with the battery of an apprehended person and threatening to rape him  


13 March 2023


Today, the Central District Court of Orenburg started oral arguments in the case of Gennadiy Shvetsov’s tortures. The defendants involve three police officers — Evgeniy Strelkov, Aset Kulkushev and Danila Nukilshin. They are charged with abuse of office using violence (item «a», Part 3 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code).     

The prosecutor requested that each police officer is sentenced to 6.5 years of penal colony. In addition, the state prosecutor demands to strip them off the special ranks, state awards and the rights to take positions in the state service, local government bodies and law-enforcement for three years. Lawyer with the Crew Against Torture represent Shvetsov’s interests in court:     

«The Prosecutor’s Office completely reasonably requested the sentence involving real jail time for the defendants. Any other sentence would contribute to raising the feeling of impunity in the law-enforcement»,

Gennadiy Shvetsov applied to the CAT in the beginning of October 2021. At that moment he was 18 years old. He told human rights defenders that the police officers took him to Department No.2 of the District Department of the Ministry of the Interior «Orenburgskoe» and tortured him, demanding that he confessed of a phone theft.  According to Shvetsov, the police officers were hitting and kicking him and threatened with rape. 

«One of the police officers kicked me in the groin area and I fell. While I was on the floor, other officers were kicking at my spine. A police officer demanded that I should undress. I refused. Then he said he would perform a “turn out” on me and    would spin the bottle with me», – Shvetsov recalls. 

The battery lasted the whole day, and in the evening the young man was released when his uncle came to the department accompanied by a lawyer. According to Shvetsov, the police officers accompanied him to the exit, having told him that «there was a mistake». 

The Bureau of the medical forensic registered numerous extravasations and bruises all over the body. The bill of indictment mentioned that the police officers committed all these actions to improve the crime detection rate.

The criminal case against the police officers was initiated two weeks later. At the present time, the police officers are suspended from service. They do not acknowledge their guilt.   

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