In Saint-Petersburg, the court once again sent the application of the man who was beaten up with electrical shocker during the rally in support of Navalny for repeated examination


06 September 2022


On 2 September, judge of Saint-Petersburg City Court partially satisfied the demands of the appellate appeal submitted by lawyers with the Crew Against Torture and sent a complaint against inaction of the Head of the Investigative Department for Admiralty District for repeated examination.  The lawyers insist on performing the check and initiating a criminal case against law enforcement officers who applied electrical shocker to 25-year-old Nikita Kompaneyets during the rally in support of Navalny in April 2021.  

Previously five citizens of Saint-Petersburg applied to the Investigative Department for the Admiralty District with crime reports – they accused the police officers of illegal applying physical force and electric shockers against them during the protest rally.    Nikita Kompaneyets was among them. He told human rights defenders that while he and Valeria Gurova were walking in the city center, without participating in any political event, at some moment they saw six law-enforcement officers who were running in pursuit of an unknown man. When they failed to catch up with him, then they paid attention to Nikita and Valeria and decided to apprehend them. Having seized the residents of St. Petersburg, the law-enforcement officers applied electrical shocker against both of them. Subsequently, based on the results of medical forensic examination, electrical marks were found on both the young men.

Electric marks on Nikita’s leg

The Investigative Department for the Admiralty District refused to register these crime reports and accepted them as standard reports that don’t require procedural check. Later on, these reports were transferred to the Department of the Interior, which issued dismissals of claims to open a criminal case. Appeals against those were submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office, which declared this ruling to be illegal. At the same time, the CAT lawyers applied with a complaint against inaction of the superior of the Investigative Department for the Admiralty District to the Oktyabrsky District Court, however, the complaint was dismissed without a hearing on the merits.        

The appeal against this ruling was submitted to the superior authority, which acknowledged that Nikita Kompaneyets’ rights were violated, and submitted the case for new examination. However, in June the court dismissed the application, at the same time, neither Nikita nor his representatives were informed about the hearing. The appeal against the court hearing was submitted, and on 2 September, judge of the Saint-Petersburg City Court partially satisfied the demands contained in the CAT lawyers’ appellate appeal, and sent the case for the new examination.     

Comment of the CAT lawyer:
«We shall be insisting that the Investigative Committee starts the check based on the report on the crime committed against Nikita Kompaneyets. We hope that from the third attempt the court of the first instance will pay attention to the problem of registering crime reports and obliges head of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Admiralty District to rectify the committed violations»

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