Informational statement


06 August 2015

Dear readers! Due to INGO «The Committee Against Torture» dissolution, all copy rights for the website were purchased by me. I, Ivan Zhiltsov, a former press-secretary of CAT, intend to use this internet resource, purchased by me, for coverage of the activity of the interregional non-governmental organization «The Committee for Prevention of Torture» which I am a member of. The website’s structure and content will be reworked and improved in the course of time, but all its main sections, including the ones covering the work of the Committee Against Torture in the past, I decided to leave unaltered.     

I think it would not be right to start covering the work of the Committee for Prevention of Torture «from the scratch». After all, all the cases of the new Committee are the continuation of the work that was led by the Committee Against Torture, and it will be actually performed by the same team of human right defenders. That is why the CAT chronicle of work on the website will be simply continued.  

Ivan Zhiltsov.

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