Innocent Murad Amriyev had again to flee from the police officers in Pyatigorsk


04 July 2017

The tribulations of applicant of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture, ММА Champion of the World according to  World Mixed Martial Arts Federation, Murad Amriyev, continue. Yesterday a district police officer came to the apartment in Pyatigorsk, where Murad stayed when he underwent treatment, and after him a dozen armed police officers came, they were looking for Murad, since he is still in the federal wanted list. 

(Murad Amriyev)

As we have previously reported, on 14 June of this year criminal charges against Murad Amriyev under Part 3 Article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation were dropped  (“using a document known as forged”) – there was a misprint in Murad’s passport in the date of his birth. 

After he received a ruling on dropping of the criminal charges Murad went for treatment to the resort town of Pyatigorsk (his right hand was swollen due to handcuffs, his wrist became numb, which was dangerous for his sports career). In Pyatigorsk he was living at the rented apartment of the member of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture Journalist Konstantin Gusev. 

In the evening of the 3 July 2017 a district officer came to check the documents, “based on a signal from vigilant neighbors”. The police officer copied Murad’s passport data and left. Realizing that this was not the end of the story, Murad chose to leave Pyatigorsk straight away. The events that followed showed that he was right. Exactly in an hour’s time, at about 8 p.m., there was another knock at the door. 

– About a dozen armed police officers stood at the door: with machine guns, in bulletproof vests. They entered the apartment, several people surrounded me with their guns ready to shoot, and the rest dispersed around the apartment, – tells Konstantin Gusev. – The funny thing in this situation was that at that time I was frying chicken for dinner and had to run between the stove and the armed people. The police officers demanded to report where Murat Amriyev was. I replied that he went in the direction which was unknown to me. I was checked against the database, after that the police officers left. A bit later the district police officer dropped by again and started to ask me about Murad. I replied once again that I did not know where he was. The district police officer said that showing up of the police officers with machine guns was a usual practice of the local police in response to the «signal from the neighbors”. Later on he admitted, nevertheless, that Amriyev is included in the federal wanted list that they use in their work. To my words that all charges against Murad were dropped and that information about it was available at the website of the Chechen Ministry of the Interior, the police officer replied that he still had more confidence in the database, and then for some reason he added that the “website and database is basically one and the same thing”.
Today lawyer of Murad Amriyev submitted a complaint to Grozny Police Department No. 3 against the failure to remove Murad Amriyev from the wanted list. However, as it follows from the letter provided to the lawyer, the records for removal of Amriyev from the federal wanted list were submitted back on 14 June of this year to head of the information center of the Ministry of the Interior for the Chechen Republic Colonel Dundulov.

With regard to the incident Chairman of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture, member of the Council under the President of the RF for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights Igor Kalyapin applied to (read) Minister of the Internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev with a request to give instructions to immediately remove Murad Amriyev from the wanted list database and on abatement of illegal action against him by the law-enforcement officers. 

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