“Inquisitor 286” game


20 April 2021

According to the statistics, every tenth resident of Russia experienced illegal use of violence by law-enforcement authorities.

This data is not comforting at all. And we wish that you never find yourself in such a situation. But still, it is better to be prepared for everything. If such a thing happens, you’d better be fully armed.

We developed a game called “Inquisitor 286” which offers you a challenging road to justice to restore your rights and punish the police officers: gather evidence, play a ping-pong with investigative authorities, to bring the Themis’ scales to your advantage…

Good luck! May the human rights force be with you!


Software engineering: Vladislav Kasatkin
Graphic design: Diana Tevanyan
Game design: Goga Gorgodze
Idea and script: Ivan Zhiltsov, Dmitry Kazakov

Подтвердите, что вам есть 18 лет