«Inventing along the way.» Here's how came the expert’s questioning in the case of Zarema Musayeva


05 May 2023


Yesterday, Maskhud Chumakov, head of the republican bureau of forensic examination, was questioned in the case of Zarema Musayeva. The judge of the Akhmatovskiy district court, Mr. Ediyev, tried to find out exactly how the injury had been inflicted on the police officer who accused the woman of physical assault.

The indictment states that Ms. Musayeva grabbed the victim, Mr. Abdulkhamidov, by the cheek and, holding it, inflicted eight multidirectional abrasions and one wound. However, the expert Chumakov told the court that Zarema did not grab the cheek, but only scratched the victim twice with her four fingers.

When the versions of the investigation and the expert did not match, the state prosecutor requested that Mr. Chumakov should be given time «to better prepare to answer the question.»

After a break, the expert changed his testimony: now his version unexpectedly coincided with the version of the state prosecution.

When asked why there were 8 abrasions, and a human hand has only 5 fingers, the expert replied that Mr. Abdulkhamidov had twisted his head during the assault. Zarema’s attorneys are of the opinion that Mr. Chumakov «invented his explanations along the way», since there is no such information in the investigation case file.

At the same time, the research part of the expert opinion, apparently, was simply copied from the Internet, as, for instance, the text included the phrase «to discuss on the forum». The opinion does not contain a definition of the concept of «wound», and the abrasions found by the experts on the victim do not play any role in accusing Musayeva of using violence dangerous to life or health (part 2 of Article 318 of the Russian Criminal Code).

According to the expert, wounds and abrasions are the same injuries. However, according to the professional medical literature, they differ.

In the case file, there can be found the response of the Ministry of Health to Zarema’s lawyer, Aleksandr Savin. According to that document, abrasions and wounds do not cause harm to health if the body temperature does not rise, and if there is no suppuration or deviations in the patient’s tests. Moreover, all these symptoms must be properly documented.There is no such evidence in the case file; meanwhile, Mr. Chumakov insists that the very fact of bandaging the victim testifies to the harm done that is dangerous to the latter’s health.

The expert also claims that wounds can heal without scarring. As the defense demanded to confirm this statement with reference to competent sources, Mr. Chumakov asked to postpone the hearings until Friday, 5th of May.

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