Investigator refused to open a criminal case based on the fact of death of the resident of the Krasnodar Territory. He died after one day spent at the police department


16 September 2022


Georgiy Kavelidze’s mother told human rights defenders that her son was beaten up and forced to confess of murder of a man named Kizim. Georgiy returned home with a huge hematoma on the head and othemorrhagia. According to the police officers, Kavelidze received these traumas as a result of an epileptic seizure.     

The relatives claim that Georgiy Kavelidze did not have an epilepsy and do not believe the police officers’ theory on how the man developed his traumas. The CAT lawyers found out that on the day of Georgiy’s apprehension on 23 September 2021 a crime report on the murder of a man named Kizim was registered by the police, and the investigator put in charge of this case was the one who delivered Kavelidze to the police department. In the police department, the man allegedly had two epilepsy seizures, however, he did not receive any offer to be hospitalized, since the doctors did not suspect a craniocerebral injury. After the first seizure, Kavelidze was taken to court which sentenced him to administrative fine for disorderly conduct, and then he found himself at the police department once again, where he felt bad again.   

«Kavelidze was not supposed to be at the police department at the moment when he had an epilepsy seizure the second time, – CAT lawyer comments. Kavelidze found himself at the police department after the court trial, since he allegedly asked to wash himself after involuntary defecation that he had after the first seizure. It turns out that the police officers were taking Kavelidze to court on  foot in such a state, where he participated in a court hearing, and only then felt discomfort due to his condition. The investigator ignored these facts».  

In the framework of the check the investigator assigned a medical forensic expert panel examination, which concluded that the ambulance doctors should have hospitalized Kavelidze, however the experts did not see any violations in their actions.   

In addition, we brought the investigator’s attention to the difference in Kavelidze’s signatures in the documents. It is visually seen that they differ, as in once case the signature is made of Russian letters (according to his mother, Kavelidze could not write in Russian letters, because he was born in Georgia and did not have a Russian education or Russian citizenship), and in the other case it represents a symbol. We provided a specialist’s conclusion that says that the signatures made on behalf of Kavelidze are absolutely inconsistent. 

Despite the arguments of the CAT lawyers, Senior Investigator of the Kropotkinsky investigative District Vladislav Dolya passes two dismissals of claims to open a criminal case: both based on the fact of the signatures’ forging and on assessment of the ambulance doctors’ actions. We shall be appealing against the dismissals of the claims to open a criminal case.

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