Investigators from Orenburg sabotage the inquiry of the convict's death


27 February 2013

In November 2012 Tamara Krivosheeva, a citizen of Orsk, appealed for help to the office of IRPO “Committee against torture” in Orenburg. A tragedy happened in her family – on September 30, 2012 her son Nikolay, who was serving his 8-month term in Colony №3 of Novotroitsk town for a domestic fight, died. The staff of the Investigative Committee is still carrying out a check on the applicant’s report of the crime.

(The photo shows Nikolay Krivosheev)

Tamara told the human rights defenders that on September 7, just before his release, her son called her and complained of severe headaches. During her visit the next day he told his mother that he had fallen from his bed and hit the head against the bedside table: a big cicatrice above his ear was an eloquent indication of the trauma got.

After that Tamara Krivosheeva came to the colony several times, but she could only observe her son’s state getting worse day after day. Mother’s repeated appeals for help to the colony administration, including asking to examine him with a tomographic scanner, made no effect. On September 19 Nikolay lapsed into a coma and was brought to a city hospital, where he died on September 30 without regaining consciousness and being all the time chained to his bed.

In November Tamara Krivosheeva filed a crime report based on the fact of her son’s death to the Novotroitsky interregional Investigative division of the Investigative Department RF in Orenburg region. She reported two events in it: not providing the ill person with proper and timely medical aid and maltreating him, i.e. using specific means. Krivosheeva also appealed for help to the Committee against torture at the same time.

«I still can’t get, what was the administration of the colony guided by when it ordered to put handcuffs on the person in coma, taking into account that guards were on duty near Nikolay’s ward and the ward itself had video surveillance, – Vyacheslav Dyundin, the head of the office of IRPO “Committee against torture” in Orenburg notes. – It’s a pity that we also were faced by the outright sabotage of the investigating authorities: breaking all the rules provided for by articles 144 and 145 CCP RF the investigator Victor Rekus is still carrying out the crime report check. His manager Jalgas Dusenalinov had already three times called back illegal refusals to initiate criminal proceeding on the case, but then he returned the materials for checking to one and the same investigator. Despite all this we are firmly determined to succeed in making the Investigative Committee of Russia effectively investigate Krivosheev’s case».

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