Lawyers with the Committee Against Torture informed the ECHR on violation of more than 8 Articles of the Convention of Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the case of Zarema Musayeva


02 March 2022

Human rights defenders brought the attention of the European Court to numerous violations of the European Convention with regard to Zarema Musayeva and her family. They include:

Article 2 “Right to life” — Zarema was subjected to deadly threat during her taking to Grozny;
Article 3 “Prohibition of torture” — records from the video cameras show brutal treatment of the woman;
Article 5 “Right to freedom and personal integrity” — enforced delivery to the police department was conducted with a large number of violations and was not justified from the legal point of view;
Article 6 “Right to fair trial” — according to Zarema, the trial on the administrative case took place when the woman was in the court room and could not protect herself or demand protection;
Article 8 “Right to respect of private and family life” — invasion in the home of a federal judge;
and a range of other articles of the Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. This time, a full application was submitted to the ECHR.

Previously, the Committee Against Torture submitted an urgent application under Rule 39 with regard to Musayeva. As a result, the European Court of Human Rights obliged the Russian authorities to report on her health every two weeks.

At the present time, Zarema Musayeva is at the Detention Facility No.1 in Grozny. As we have previously reported, a criminal case is initiated against the woman for the alleged violence against a police officer. Lawyers with the Committee Against Torture managed to get involved in the case in the capacity of legal representatives.

Suspension of the Russian membership in the Council of Europe does not have any impact on the relationships of Russia and the ECHR.

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