Lawyers with the Committee Against Torture invite to the Village Homies online-bar


07 May 2020

On 8 May at 20.00, Chairman of the Committee Against Torture and a member of the Council under Russia’s President on Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights Igor Kalyapin and head of the investigations department of the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the organization Albert Kuznetsov invite everyone who is willing to join them in the Village Homies online-bar in order to discuss human rights issues in the period of their serious limitations due to coronavirus pandemic.

The high alert regime led to serious limitations of human rights. Everyone is interested to know more or less the same: the legality of the measures taken and the responsibility for their violation.   

Lawyers with the Committee Against Torture Igor Kalyapin and Albert Kuznetsov, among other things, will tell how to react to a police officer’s demand to show ID, whether it is allowed to walk the toy dog and what will happen, if you throw your garbage together with your qr-code.  

In addition, every visitor of the online-bar will be able to ask questions that interest them.  

We are waiting for everyone who is willing to discuss human right agenda to join us on 8 May at the address:

Подтвердите, что вам есть 18 лет