Leaders of the Chechen Office of the NN Committee Against Torture have taken part in the sitting of the parliamentary Committee on Security


28 February 2007
    On 28 February 2007 the Parliament of the Chechen Republic held a sitting of its Committee on Security, Law and Order and Interaction with Law Enforcement agencies. Issues related to unlawful methods of interrogation and pre-trial investigation in the Chechen Republic were on the agenda. Photo: The sitting of the Committee on Security of the Chechen Parliament.

Minister of Internal Affairs of Chechnya R. Alkhanov, Commissioner for Human Rights in Chechnya N. Nukhazhiev, head of the Chechen Office of the NGO NN Committee Against Torture S. Baskhanov, chief of ORB-2 (second operational investigative bureau) police colonel A. Khasanbekov, chief of the Chechen Department of the Federal Service of Penalty Execution A. Iriskhanov and other high officials of the Republic were invited to take part in the discussion of the above issues.

In the course of the discussion of unlawful methods of interrogation in law enforcement agencies it was noted that the number of complaints against torture, cruel treatment and humiliation in detention centers had not decreased but on the contrary tended to grow. It was also observed that 120 cases of the use of violence disclosed during the previous 6 months was a crucial figure for the civilized society.

In his speech head of the Chechen Office of the NN CAT Supyan Baskhanov emphasized that “… The Committee Against Torture believes that the fear of torture, threat of violence change people’s mentality. A man wants to live in a free country without being afraid of violence, which can be exerted on him by slander or on having committed a crime; a man must only be afraid of losing his freedom. Violence is a destructive symptom, even in a singular case. I greatly expect from you that the figure of 125 medical examination records, drawn up by the Medical Unit the Chechen Department of the Federal Service of Penalty Execution when receiving the apprehended, will not increase and, therefore, the life in the Republic will become better and flourishing”.

In the final paper adopted by the parliamentary group we find indications that it is necessary to call to full account those prosecution officials of Chechnya who fail to execute their official duties related to supervision of accurate and rigorous law observance in detention centers. Besides the document underlines the necessity to close the unlawfully functioning detention center of ORB-2 and to ensure citizens’ right to get medical certificates in relation to signs of torture when they address appropriate medical institutions.

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