Members of the “Drugaya Rossiya Eduarda Limonova” party reported battery


30 November 2021

According to the party activist Timophey Filin, the police officers were hitting at his chest, face and shoulders, demanding that he unblocked the telephone. According to another party supporter, Kirill Imashev, he was being beaten up during the search, as well as choked and threatened.  

On 15 November, about 40 law-enforcement officers came to the Moscow office of “Drugaya Rossiya Eduarda Limonova” party with a search. Those who were present were forced to lay face down and put the hands on the head. According to the apprehended, they were prohibited from talking and moving, and they spent about a couple of hours on the floor waiting for the search to finish, from time to time being subjected to battery.

Timophey Filin reported that a police officer kicked him in the area of the right foot because he attempted to loosen his hands that went numb. Later on, during the search of Filin’s personal belongings, the police officers were hitting at his chest, face and shoulders, demanding that he unblocked the telephone.

Kirill Imashev reported that the police officer hit him at the back of his head because the man chocked over. Then, the same police officer brought Kirill to the corridor, hit him with a palm of his hand and brought him on the floor to lie on his stomach. Imashev spent the next 40 minutes in the corridor, while the law-enforcement officers who were passing by were hitting at the back of his head for no reason, and one of them stepped on him with a boot.  

Later on, Kirill was brought to a separate room for a personal search by the two police officers. The man said that he was beaten up there with fists at his chest and abdomen. He said that he was screaming in pain and indignance: In between the hits the officer inflicted a moral pressure uttering “Why do you need all this? Are you drugged? Do you want to be locked for a long time?” and other similar threats. At the moment of the battery, Olga Shalina came to the walkway near the staircase after I screamed and asked: “Why are you beating him up?” but she was pulled off by the operative officer who closed the door, once again”, — Imashev told. 

After that, the police officer once again pressed Kirill against the floor and started to choke him, this lasted for about 10 seconds. The law-enforcement officers demanded that he handed over his phone but Imashev refused. Then, according to him, the same police officer hit him in the stomach and started to choke him, again. 

The apprehended were taken to the Police Department for the Tverskoy District. There, Imashev asked the police officers to call him an ambulance, but his request was ignored. Later on, Imashev and Filin applied to the first-aid station.  

The men applied to the Moscow branch of the Committee Against Torture for legal assistance. Their applications will be forwarded to the Investigative Committee.  

‘It follows from the activists’ applications that the police officers violated the law, having applied physical force to the convicts without any grounds. Their complaints are supported by medical documentation, that is why the Investigative Committee is obliged to sort out what happened. In the nearest future we intend to apply to the Investigative Committee and the Department of the Internal Security, so that the state authorities start official investigation”, — lawyer with the Moscow branch of the Committee Against Torture pointed out.  

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