Mentally Insane and publicly dangerous police major from Bashkortostan has been sent for compulsory treatment


01 June 2007
Photo: police major Ayrat Sharafutdinov, who has been sent to psychiatric clinic.

The sentence against two policemen who cruelly treated people in Bashkortostan has entered into force. 

    The Criminal Chamber of the  Supreme Court of the Republic of Bashkortostan has upheld on appeal the decision of the Oktyabrsky City Court against police major Ayrat Sharafutdinov and police captain Sergey Bayguzin, who were found guilty under article 139 of the Criminal Code (unlawful intrusion into a home committed against the will of the liver, associated with the use of violence or threat of it, committed with the use of official power) and article 286 §3 (abuse of official power entailing serious violations of citizens’ rights and interests associated with the use of violence or threat of it, committed with the use of special devices).

       In view of the fact that police major A. Sharafutdinov according to the report on the psychiatric examination suffers from a mental disease and committed the crimes in a mentally insane condition, he was exempted from criminal liability. Taking into account that Mr. Sharafutdinov has committed a number of crimes, including serious ones, associated with the use of violence against citizens and suffers from a mental disease, and is not actually aware of the public danger his actions entail, being unable to realize what he does, the court decided that Mr. Sharafutdinov is dangerous for society and people surrounding him. In this connection the court prescribed for him a course of compulsory treatment in a closed specialized psychiatric clinic.

    Police captain Bayguzin was sentenced to two and a half years’ conditional imprisonment on two years’ probation with subsequent prohibition on serving in law enforcement and governmental agencies.

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