Mikhail Skobelev abused by the Sormovo police claims that “governor’s people” put pressure on him


16 December 2010

The Committee Against Torture has learnt that one of the policemen whom Skobelev accuses of ill-treatment is a relative of a high-ranking police official.

   Today, during an urgent press-conference in Rosbalt Information Agency representatives of the Interregional Committee Against Torture conducting a public investigation into the allegations of police abuse have told mass media about pressure being put on Sormovo cemetery director Mikhail Skobelev claiming that in November 2009 he was cruelly beaten by officers of the Economic Crimes Department of the Sormovsky District Directorate of the Interior.  

According to Mr. Skobelev, one of his bosses from KRUN enterprise came to see him personally for a “talk” together with someone who introduced himself as governor Shantsev’s aide.

The latter suggested that Skobelev should “settle” the conflict with the Economic Crimes Department officers in an “unofficial” fashion.  

Mikhail Skobelev has not told the ICAT what the proposal actually was, whether it was a threat, blackmail, bribe or everything.

In connection with the above mentioned events ICAT Public Investigation Department inspector Pavel Zhilov in charge of Skobelev’s case filed a motion to ensure the applicant’s security with the Special Investigation Department of the Investigation Administration of the Investigation Committee under the RF Prosecutor’s Office for Nizhny Novgorod region performing a check under Skobelev’s application.  

In the evening on 15 December 2010 Mikhail Skobelev visited the CAT office accompanied by an unknown individual who introduced himself as “deputy director of a collection agency”, and in his presence and in presence of ICAT workers prepared a refusal to cooperate with the ICAT further for the reason that he “had come to terms” with the police. At the same time, he also mentioned in his refusal that he confirmed the facts given in his application to the Committee.  

After that Mr. Skobelev went to the Nizhny Novgorod regional Investigation Administration where he had an appointment with the investigator, as the “collector” said.

The Committee Against Torture will continue monitoring the situation with Skobelev’s case.

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