Moscow taxi driver reported being beaten by the policemen


24 October 2016

Taxi driver Dilshodbek Eshmatov applied to the Committee for the Prevention of Torture asking for legal assistance. He reported that the policemen in Veshnyaki region of Moscow had tortured him demanding that confessed of stealing fifty five thousand rubles from a girl that he was giving a lift the night before. Human rights defenders started public investigation.

In the evening on 9 September of this year the Dilshodbek’s car of was stopped by the road police officers and his was told that his vehicle was on the wanted list. After that Eshmatov was taken to the police department of Veshnyaki region of Moscow. There in the presence of the arresting witnesses fifty thousand rubles were found in Eshmatov’s car.

After that, according to Dilshodbek’s words, several police officers were beating him in the police department demanding that he confessed of stealing fifty five thousand rubles from a passenger that he was giving a lift late at night on 9 September.

– They punched me, put on a hood on my head. Then they kicked me, – Dilshodbek remembered.

As Eshmatov told his lawyer, some investigator was witnessing this execution and played the role of “a good guy” offering him to not bear all this and confess of the committed crime which would alleviate his guilt and he would be free to go back to his wife and children.

The next day Eshmatov was taken to city hospital No. 69, where the traumatologist registered that the arrested person had a closed rib fracture.

On 12 September Dilshodbek was taken to the court which announced the measure of restraint for him in the form of the arrest. The same day when he was taken to the pretrial detention center a medical worker made an act on the bodily injuries that Eshmatov had: “A closed fracture of rib XI on the left without displacement, breast bone hematoma, a scratch mark on the forehead on the left”.

Eshmatov’s wife, Farida, who was questioned by the human rights defenders, said that a man called several times using her husband’s phone and introducing himself as criminal investigation department officer Alexander. According to Farida, he offered her to come to the police department and persuade her husband to confess of committing the crime.

– This Alexander said that if I needed my husband I should come and persuade him to talk, – said Farida.

As the woman was staying home with little kids she asked her friends to go to the police department to see her husband. These friends came to the police department twice and saw Dilshodbek. Both times he said that he had not committed any crimes and was not going to give testimonies against himself.

“On behalf of Eshmatov we already applied to the Investigative Committee with a crime report, we also started our own public investigation”, – lawyer of Moscow branch of INGO “The Committee for the Prevention of Torture” Sergey Babinets comments.

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