"Murad Amriev, The Prisoner of the Caucasus" movie is published


19 September 2018

Here is a full version of movie “Murad Amriev, The Prisoner of the Caucasus”. The author of the movie, lawyer with the Committee Against Torture, Evgeny Chilikov, tells the story that started back in 2013, when Murad Amriev from Grozny applied to human rights defenders for legal assistance.

Murad told that in August 2013 he was tortured for two days by the police officers who wanted to force from him confession on involvement of his brother to a murder attempt of a high-ranking Chechen police officer.


When he was released, Murad decided to leave Russia. But the events of 2014 nearly repeated in summer 2017, when he, being MMA champion, planned a short visit to Russia.

“Apprehension by Russian border guards, turmoil in Bryansk, wandering in the food, illegal handover by Belarus authorities of the main character to the Chechen law-enforcement officers. Together with camera man Aleksey Novikov, we collected the evidence from participants of these events on the territory of three countries into one picture and today we present it to your attention”, – the film’s author, Evgeny Chilikov, comments.

It is worth noting, that by September 2018, the investigators of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Chechen Republic already issued eighteen refusals to initiate criminal proceedings based on Murad Amriev’s complaint of abduction and tortures. Seventeen of these refusals were declared illegal and quashed. The last refusal is also being appealed against by human rights defenders.
In November 2015, a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights was submitted to the European Court of Human Rights.

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