Non-governmental organization "The World Without Censorship" presents an international contest of short-length films


22 December 2015

Non-governmental organization “The World Without Censorship” presents international contest of short-length films «The Right Cut» – the first short-length films contest dedicated to human rights defense issues.  

«The World Without Censorship» is a non-governmental organization with six years of work experience in the sphere of freedom of expression through art. At the present time the organization’s headquarters is based in Caracas (Венесуэла), at the same time the organization puts emphasis not only on human rights defense in Venezuela but also throughout the world.  

The Committee Against Torture, being a partner of «The World Without Censorship», invites all to participate in the contest.  

It does not matter which country you live in. If you are interested in human rights issues and you made (or are planning to make) a film on this subject, then this contest is an excellent opportunity to present your work to the whole world. By participating you are promoting the idea of human rights through art, as well as express solidarity with those who became a victim of human rights violation.

As a prize for the top place a trip to Harvard University in the USA is provided in April 2016, where the film-winner will be presented at the special event, organized by the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. In addition, authors of the three best short-length films will also be awarded – their works will be presented at a special event of «People in Need» organization in Prague. The contest also features special nominations – «best script», «best cameraman’s work», «best editing».

In order to participate one has to submit her/his short-length film to the organizers of the event via free hosting VIMEO by 15 February 2016 indicating the code of the video film in the application, the form of which is available here. Duration of the video film cannot exceed 6 minutes. English subtitles are required.
Art is self-expression. Self-expression if freedom. Freedom is our common right.
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