On January 24, 2008 the European Court on Human Rights delivers a verdict on the case of Nizhny Novgorod citizen Olga Maslova


23 January 2008

The appeal under the case «Maslova vs. RF» was prepared by lawyers from the Committee against Torture and registered by the Court on January 15, 2002. On May 15, 2002 the Court notified the RF government that the proceedings had been opened. On December 12, 2006 the Court found the appeal partly admissible.
Let us recall that Olga Maslova from Nizhny Novgorod (earlier, for security reasons, referred  to on the news rolls of the Committee against Torture as Elena Lisina) accuses officers of the Prosecutor’s Office of Nizhny Novgorod of severe torture and rape she was subject to in November 1999 when she was questioned as a witness under a criminal case.  
The Multiregional Committee against Torture where Olga Maslova applied for help conducted an investigation of her application that justified her claim. During the past 9 years the Committee against Torture has rendered Olga Maslova legal assistance at the national level and represented her interests in the European Court.

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