On July 15, 2010 the Interregional Committee Against Torture conducted a press-conference in Yoshkar-Ola


19 July 2010
Photo: press-conference participants – spouses Irina and Vladimir Filonov (right), head of the ICAT representation in Mariy El Dmitry Yegoshin (centre) and press-secretary of the ICAT Maxim Prytkov.

On July 15, 2010 in Yoshkar-Ola (Mariy El) there was a press-conference of Yoshkar-Ola entrepreneurs Irina and Vladimir Filonov claiming that they had been abused by the police.

Photo: the press-conference took place in the Filonovs’ office, the same place where the tragedy of June 10 had happened.

Among other participants of the press-conference there were Dmitry Yegoshin, head of the Mariy El representation of the Interregional Committee Against Torture, and Maxim Prytkov, press-secretary of the ICAT.

The Filonovs told the mass media their version of the events of June 10, 2010, when, according to Irina and Vladimir, officers of the Economic Crimes Department of the Mariy El Ministry of the Interior almost broke into their office and beat up Irina, in particular, one of the officers kicked the woman several times in the abdomen. 

At the press-conference Ms. Filonova said that, in her opinion, she had had a miscarriage and lost her child due to that beat-up.

Photo: the Filonovs told the journalists of the  Mariy El Broadcasting Company about their experience of “communication” with the police,

And the representatives of the ICAT – about the situation with police abuse in the Republic.

In their turn, the ICAT representatives spoke about the investigation under the Filonovs’ application and their intention to ensure initiation of criminal proceedings upon that fact.

The ICAT specialists described the situation with tortures in Mariy El law enforcement agencies in detail, told the mass media about some results of their work aimed at prevention of tortures and other forms of cruel and degrading treatment.

Head of the Mariy El representation of the ICAT Dmitry Yegoshin mentioned that at that moment the representation worked almost with thirty cases about tortures in local law enforcement bodies. The representation lawyers have succeeded in bringing some cases to court, 6 law enforcement agents from Mariy El have been convicted for tortures. The representation has helped police abuse victims to obtain compensations totaling 637 000 rubles, 617 000 rubles have already been paid by the state.

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