On May 20 the Blagoveschensk court will deliver a judgment to a police officer who took part in the notorious “mopping-up”


19 May 2008

  Tomorrow, at 14:00 local time, the Blagoveschensk district court (Bashkiria) will pass the sentence on the police officer (dog handler) from the Blagoveschensk Department of Internal Affairs S. Fomin who is charged under cl. “a,b” , p/3 of art. 286 of the RF Criminal Code (excess of official powers with violent treatment and special tools application).

This was reported by head of the Bashkirian office of the Committee against Torture Mr. Vladislav Sadykov who represents the victim’s interests in court.

In course of today’s debates the prosecution demanded that the police officer should be sentenced to 3 years in a standard security penal colony and a 2-year ban to work for the state service.

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