Orenburg. The sentence for the police officer is preserved


15 August 2008

 The police officer pled innocent during the trial. However, the court considered him guilty of kicking administrative detainee Mr. Kanat Amirov in 2006 which caused the victim’s death as a result of acute blood loss.

The sentence was appealed against not only by the defense, but also by the Prosecutor’s office and Mr. Amirov’s mother. The Prosecutor’s office thought that 7 years of imprisonment were not enough for such a grave crime. The mother insisted that her son had also been battered in the Leninskiy district Department of Internal Affairs, she substantiated her statement with the results of the forensic medical examination showing that there were 14 injuries on Mr. Amirov’s body. According to the victim, it is hard to believe that only Mr. Savelyev is to blame for the murder. All cassation claims were dismissed.  

The Orenburg office of the Committee against torture performed a public investigation under the case and represented the victim’s interests in court.

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