Our little report on the expiring year of 2016


30 December 2016

Well, here is our small report on the expiring year of 2016. 

“Forty minutes, not more”, – according to time-honored movie.

In fact – no, it will be brief, as in briefness sometimes there is capacity…
In spite of everything, we would like to thank this year that it happened. 

It was a year like many others before. A year like a lot of years will happen in future. 

In the expiring year we give thanks to:

– our applicants, who, in spite of everything, were committed in their faith and intention to insist on the rule of justice ;

– journalists, who helped us to cover our cases and insist on the rusted gear-wheels of the justice to keep going;

– our readers and all non-indifferent people for attention to our case and their help. 

We send our best regards to all of you, our friend and enemies, and inform you of the following. Thanks to the members of our Committee in 2016 the following was achieved: 

– checks of 101 applications of citizens with regard to applying tortures and brutal treatment were performed;
– eighteen officers of law-enforcement agencies were convicted for crimes involving violations of human rights; 

– 5 criminal cases were initiated for crimes involving violating human rights;

– over eight million roubles were awarded as compensation to the victims of unlawful actions of the law-enforcement agencies officers; 

– 63 resolutions of the Investigative Committee, Prosecutor’s Office and the court were declared illegal.
We wish Happy New Year to all!

Let it be better, and us, too! 

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